Nishmat Kol Chai- innovative jewish solutions
Nishmat Kol Chai serves as a vehicle for Rabbi Yisroel's unique flavor of Judaism,
which is infused with Shlomo Carlebach’s and the Baal Shem Tov's teachings: the  
merging of a Chassidic approach to spirituality with a pragmatic contemporary
approach to traditional halacha.
As one of Shlomo Carlebach's primary disciples, Rabbi Yisroel has carried on the
work of his Rabbi through this organization.  From Carlebach Shabbos retreats,
Torah classes, online counseling, and life-cycle events, the message of joy,
unconditional love and Chassidic warmth is palpable.

    Rabbi Yisroel is available for
  • Shabbos retreats
  • as a Scholar-in- Residence at your synagogue
  • for lectures
  • for weddings
all in the Carlebach style
In the warm Carlebach tradition of group participation in
prayer and singing, with Torah subjects ranging from
Chassidic history and stories to Kabbalah and its application to
daily life
At your synagogue or Jewish Community Center featuring
group prayer with singing and dancing, inspiring stories and
Torah study
Scholar in
Carlebach Shabbat featuring Welcoming the Shabbat, group
prayer, singing and dancing and Melavah Malka in the Florida
Everglades or other rural locations in the USA
As wedding officiant, Rabbi Finman will bring the ceremony
alive with the spirit and traditions of Shlomo Carlebach,
customized to make your day the most special ever.
Life cycle
Classes &
Torah, Chassidut, and Kabbalah delivered with a human
warmth in Rabbi Finman's down-to-earth way
Jewish Key West
Rabbi Yisroel & Judy